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Tues – Sun 06:00 pm – 03:00am Mon Closed
The HUB | Level 4 World Trade Centre Abu Dhabi, UAE



BYB is the place to be on Sunday nights! Every Sunday we offer a special Happy Hour that starts at noon and goes on until 12 AM. During this time, you can enjoy amazing food and drinks, as well as background music.

On Mondays, we offer an incredible deal: our famous Open Wings, with a two-hour package that is sure to satisfy any appetite. The selection of flavors available is vast and extremely varied, from classic American favourites to hot and spicy dishes.

Tuesday is the happiest day of the week. From 12 PM to 12 AM, customers can enjoy an unbeatable Happy Hour with amazing drink specials and delicious food. With happy hour specials like these, who wouldn’t want to spend their Tuesdays at BYB?

On Wednesdays, we have a special night of the week dedicated to Arabeat music. A live singer and DJ will be performing on stage to keep you entertained with the best Arabic music and live performance. You can expect an atmosphere filled with energy and excitement.

BYB is the place to be for a night out every Thursday and Friday. On Thursdays,we have ladies night starts at 10 pm and runs until 2 am with special on drinks and food.Then on Fridays, the Weekend Party kicks off at 10 PM with music by some of the hottest DJs in town.

On Saturdays, we offer two options: Drunch or Weekend Party.

Drunch is a great choice if you want to chat with your friends while having some drinks. The atmosphere is casual and relaxed, perfect for catching up. You can grab some of the best bar bites and enjoy yourself until midnight when the party starts!

If you're looking for a wild time all night long then Weekend Party is what you need! This event offers top-notch DJs spinning tunes from commercial to EDM, plus bright lights and dancing that will keep your energy up until sunrise.